Suspension of Service

Q. After a Cut-Off Notice, when will you actually turn off the gas?

A. AOG will suspend gas service after the last day to pay indicated on the most recent Cut-Off Notice or within thirty (30) days thereafter - between the hours of 8:00 a.m. and 4:00 p.m.

In Oklahoma, AOG mails two seperate notices prior to gas service disconnection. A 10-day notice and a 48-hour notice, during the period of November 15 through April 15. The notices explain the reason for the disconnection, the total amount of the past due, and the date when the service may be disconnected if payment arrangements have not been made.

AOG will not cut off gas on a day when the business office is closed or on the day before such a date. Also, in Arkansas, AOG will not suspend the gas service to residential customers on a day when the National Weather Service forecast predicts a minimum temperature for the next 24 hours of 32 degrees F. or lower. In Oklahoma, if the predicted temperature is 32 degrees or below, or the night time low is 20 degrees Fahrenheit or less, AOG will not disconnect service.

Q. Under what circumstances does AOG suspend services?

A. AOG may suspend services for any of the following reasons:

  1. Failure to pay a delinquent account (or another approved charge) by the due date.
  2. Failure to comply with an Extension Agreement, Delayed or Deferred Payment Agreement, or appropriate commission order.
  3. Failure to post a deposit or pay connection or reconnection fees.
  4. Misrepresenting identity or facts to obtain service.
  5. Unauthorized use of service, or tampering with AOG’s pipes, meters or other equipment.
  6. Refusal to let us inspect, maintain, replace, or read our equipment installed on the customer’s premises, or maintaining some type of obstruction that prevents us from doing any of the above.
  7. Violating our rules that protect the gas service of other customers.
  8. Violating our rules that prohibit the use of non-standard equipment or unauthorized attachments.
  9. Violation of federal, state, or local laws or regulations through use of service.
  10. Abandoning the premises.
  11. Causing injury or threatening to cause injury to any of our employees, their families, or AOG property.
  12. Threatening to cause damage or failure to pay for damages to AOG equipment installed on the customer’s premises.

Gas service will not be suspended if the customer pays the delinquent amount before our representative arrives to cut off service. This applies only if the reason for the suspension of service was for:

  1. Failure to pay a delinquent account;
  2. Failure to pay an installment under a Delayed or Deferred Payment Agreement;
  3. Failure to post a deposit; or,
  4. Failure to pay connection or reconnection fees or another billed Commission approved charge.

If the payment is made by personal check, our employees can refuse the payment if the individual has given AOG two checks within the previous year which were “returned” for any reason other than bank error. A second check for the same past due amount can also be refused if the first one was “returned.” Also, our employee may contact your financial institution to verify funds at the time of collection.

Q. Will AOG reconnect service after it’s been discontinued?

A. Once the reason for the suspension has been resolved, AOG will be happy to reconnect service to the customer.

When the customer calls AOG with confirmation of payment, we’ll schedule the reconnection. If the suspension was the Company’s fault, we’ll reconnect service as soon as possible.

If the reason for the suspension was unauthorized use of our service, we will require a reasonable payment of estimated services rendered before we reconnect.

Q. Does AOG ever refuse to serve someone?

A. Yes, under some circumstances. We will refuse service when:

  1. A bill from AOG in the applicant’s name remains unpaid.
  2. Application for service following the relocation of the applicant and a former customer to new premises from premises where a bill remains unpaid for service which was provided to the former customer while the applicant was a full-time occupant;
  3. Application for service at premises where there is an unpaid utility bill and where;
    1. The former customer who owed the bill remains at the premises;
    2. A full-time occupant of the premises when the bill was incurred remains at the premises; or,
    3. A full-time user of the service when the bill was incurred remains at the premises.
  4. The applicant is not in compliance with a Commission order, a Delayed or Deferred Payment Agreement, or an Extension Agreement with AOG entered into by the applicant with respect to service previously rendered by AOG;
  5. The applicant has not paid AOG an approved fee, charge, or deposit as provided for in the General Service Rules of the Commission or the Company’s approved tariffs;
  6. The applicant has not furnished adequate assurance of payment in the form of a deposit or other security for service within 20 days of an order for relief under the United States Bankruptcy Code, 11 U.S.C.A. § 366;
  7. There is evidence that the applicant is using service in an unauthorized manner or is tampering with the equipment furnished and owned by AOG;
  8. A misrepresentation to AOG by the applicant relevant to the conditions under which the applicant may obtain gas service;
  9. The applicant has not provided acceptable evidence of identity. Acceptable evidence includes the following:
    1. driver’s license or state ID card;
    2. military ID;
    3. ID from place of employment;
    4. social security card;
    5. current student ID;
    6. passport
    7. birth certificate; or,
    8. any other evidence which would establish identity.

    If AOG reasonably believes that the evidence offered is unreliable, it may refuse to accept it and seek additional evidence from the applicant.

  10. The applicant is not in compliance with all state and/or municipal regulations governing the service applied for;
  11. The applicant is not in compliance with AOG’s tariffs which have been approved by the Commission;
  12. The service applied for is of such character that it is likely to unfavorably affect the service to other customers;
  13. The connection of gas service to the applicant’s equipment would create a hazard;
  14. The applicant is causing or threatening injury to an AOG employee or an employee’s family to retaliate for or prevent an act the Company performs in the course of business;
  15. The applicant is causing or threatening damage to AOG’s property.

If AOG refuses to serve an applicant, it will give an explanation in writing to the applicant within 7 business days.

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