Natural Gas Products

The sign, G.A.S., is your assurance that you're dealing with a specialist—Gas Appliance Specialist. G.A.S members really know about gas appliances and equipment. They can show you how to save time and money by using natural gas in your home—for heating and cooling, cooking, water heating, clothes drying, outdoor grilling, and lighting. G.A.S. —The Sign of Quality.

You will like what you see, and be sure to look for the "Sign of Quality"—only at your local Gas Appliance Specialist!

Features & Benefits


  • Instant on/off heat means no burned foods or crusted pans.
  • Lower cost of operation saves you money, year after year.
  • Natural convection distributes heat evenly throughout the oven, giving you more flavorful foods and cooking options.
  • A variety of pilot options means instant ignition, even when the electricity goes out.

Fireplaces & Space Heating

  • A warm, glowing Gas Fireplace offers charm, contentment, and superior comfort.
  • Instant Gas Fireplace operation means no messy logs; no cleaning is necessary.
  • A Gas Fireplace is a dependable heat source, even when the electricity goes out.
  • Gas Heaters provide extra heat in hard-to-heat places, like a garage.

Outdoor Grilling

  • A quick-connect Gas Grill lets you cook where you like, out of the weather or in the shade.
  • Instant on/off grill temperature control means the food tastes better.
  • Eliminate the mess of grilling with charcoal.

Gas Lighting

  • Soft, warm Gaslight glow offers enchanting beauty, and doesn't attract bugs.
  • Continuous Gaslight reassures safety even when the electricity goes out.
  • Outdoor light source that operates even when the power is out.

Heating & Cooling

  • Lower purchase price means more money for you to spend on other things.
  • Lower operating costs save you money on utility bills.
  • Longer projected life means lower replacement cost.
  • Warm, cozy heat offers greater comfort for your family.

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Water Heaters

  • Faster recovery generates more hot water per hour than electric water heaters.
  • Greater efficiency means the unit costs less to operate.
  • Easy installation requires no high-voltage wiring.
  • Trouble-free operation because there are no expensive elements to short or burn out.
  • Many gas water heaters operate even when the power is out.

Tankless Water Heaters

  • 40% energy savings, endless hot water and space savings.
  • Life span of 20 years or more!
  • “Green” technology produces less CO2 and NOx than conventional water heaters.

Clothes Dryers

  • Maximum efficiency; you can dry three loads of clothes with a gas dryer for the same price as one load with electricity.
  • Trouble-free operation because there are no heating elements to short or burn out.
  • Clothes dry faster, so your gas dryer actually runs less.
  • Clothes are dried naturally, so your clothes last longer and look better.

Natural Gas Generators

  • Fueled by natural gas.
  • Automatic startup available.
  • Units available for residential and commercial use.
  • Units available to supply some, or all, electric power needs of the home.
  • No electricity required.
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