Energy Saving Tips

Insulation and Ventilation

Almost every homeowner can save both energy and money by adding insulation. The payback period varies with the type of insulation materials, purchase and installation costs, and the price of fuel.

Good insulation is permanent, maintenance-free and can return your investment by lowering your fuel bills, yielding year-round energy savings and increased comfort. The basic function of insulation is to resist the flow of heat. This is expressed as an “R” value; the higher the “R” value, the more resistance to heat flow. Insulation materials have different “R” values, so buy insulation according to the “R” value you wish to attain, not by total inches.

Download the pdf on the left for more information about:

  • Types of insulation
  • Where to install
  • Bypasses
  • Vapor barriers
  • Ventilation
  • Crawl spaces
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