Energy Saving Tips

Caulking and Weatherstripping

If you added together all the small cracks, crevices and holes in your home, you might find they let out as much warm air in winter as an open window. Even if your home is well insulated, it’s important to stop heat loss and eliminate drafts caused by air leaks.

Cracks or crevices that allow heated air to leak through and past your home’s insulation are known as bypasses. Bypasses are found in interior and exterior walls, vents, recessed light fixtures, plumbing and electric wire passages, stairways and the space around your chimney.

You can weatherize your home and substantially reduce air infiltration by caulking and weatherstripping. It only takes a few relatively inexpensive materials and a little time, and the payback period is usually within one season.

Download the pdf on the left for more information about:

  • Finding air leaks
  • Caulking
  • How to caulk
  • Weatherstripping
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