Be Aware: Cross Bore

How Do Cross Bores Happen?

For many years, utilities nationwide have installed gas pipelines by boring underground, rather than digging trenches, to avoid tearing up paving and landscaping.

Existing underground pipes and wires are marked, when possible, before work begins. But sewer pipes often go unnoticed because they are regularly unmapped and are undetectable using above-ground locating devices.

Crossbores are a rare side effect that can happen when the machine used to install gas pipelines inadvertently bores through sewer lines.

If You Suspect A Cross Bore

  • Call or ask your sewer clearing professional to contact AOG at (479) 784-2000 then press 1 prior to clearing the blockage. We will promptly meet your professional to locate and mark our natural gas pipeline free of charge.
  • Never use a sewer clearing machine to clear an interior blockage until the obstruction has been identified.
  • Suspect a gas leak? Leave the area immediately and call AOG or 911. Do not use phones near the gas leak.
  • Before anyone clears an interior blockage, by chemical or mechanical means, call AOG at (479)784-2000 then press 1 for immediate assistance.
Cross Bore